HAFNER winery is located in the quaint-town of Moenchhof, Austrias oldest wine growing community (since 1217) east of Lake Neusiedl in sunny Burgenland. Today in Austria, but until 1921 this region was still a part of Hungary. With 300 sunny days per year Burgenland was discovered to be perfect for winegrowing.

The HAFNER family was one of the first within this community and as such, part of the oldest wine producers. In 1971 HAFNER produced the first Austrian Ice wine on a larger scale and created a portfolio of different BA and TBA wines of the highest quality standard with a long shelf-life.

HAFNER kosher wines are available since 1980.

Since 1995 all the HAFNER vineyards are defined organic, cultivated to the rules of controlled and integrated Viniculture/Production (KIP).

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HAFNER Wines from Austria, Kosher & Organic

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Kelta Ltd. is active on the Israeli market since 1986, mainly importing and trading raw materials for the pharma, food and feed industries, as well as representing major European companies for Israel.

Consumer products, mainly wines, are new among Keltas activities, currently in development, based on best professional suppliers and organic products.

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HAFNER Wine Catalogue

Sparkling Riesling 2008 SEKT- Fruity extra dry white sparkling wine, but full-bodied with length and structure.

Sparkling Muscat 2007 SEKT - Sweet white sparkling wine, fine structured, flowery, fruity & elegant. A celebration!

Sparkling Chardonnay 2009 SEKT - This late harvest sweet wine offers fantastic freshness combined with wonderful
nose to exotic fruits in combination with a great sweetness-acidity-balance! 

Grüner Veltliner 2010 -  Gruvee the official refresher. Dry white wine.

Chardonnay Classic 2008 - Dry quality wine, wonderful nose to dried fruits, honey and almonds. Winemakers choice

Sauvignon Blanc Prestige 2009 - A powerful but balanced, with elegant structure and full body. Long, dry finish.

Welsch Riesling 2010 - Semi dry white wine. Originally an Austrian grape perfectly fits the Lake Neusiedl climate

Chateau Royal Riesling 2008 - semi-dry, fruity and crisp Riesling with perfect balance

Zweigelt Classic 2010 - Semi-dry but smooth, very easy-going, fruity, full-bodied and good finish

Blaufränkisch Reserve 2005 - Dry red wine (diabetic), stored for 30 months in barrels.

Zweigelt Barrique 2003 - 24 months oak barreled. AWC 2006 - Gold Medal. US Wine Challenge, BTI 2007 - 90 points

Dornrőschen (sleeping beauty) 2003 - Cuvée Rossler-Dornfelder. HAFNERs flagship wine, 25 months oak barreled.
Gold Medal at AWC 2006 (the worlds 2nd largest wine competition)

Chardonnay 2009 Late Harvest - Fresh and fruity with great balanced sweetness and long refreshing finish.

Muscat Ottonel 2009 Late Harvest - With residual sugar of 95gr/l, this wine is very pleasant for everyones taste.

Queen of Sheba - Zweigelt late harvest red wine. Excellent award - The Underground Wine Journal USA

Ice-wine Grüner Veltliner 2002 - Double-Gold Medal winner in the International Grand Champion Terravino 2006.

Ice-wine Chardonnay 2009 - Gold Medal winner in the International challenge Selection 2011.

TBA Chardonnay 2002 - Noble sweet white wine, Gold Medal winner, International Grand Champion Terravino 2008

TBA Chardonnay Barrique 2002 - Grand reserve - 60 months oak barreled, Double-Gold Medal as well as
champion of sweet category, the International Grand Champion Terravino 2008

TBA Scheurebe 2000 - Double-Gold Medal winner in the International Grand Champion Terravino 2006

TBA Essencia 1999 Cuvée - Chardonnay-Scheurebe-Riesling noble sweet, Gold Medal in Terravino 2008